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I said beware I thought...

Well the little rant below has now helped me to weed out all the TARDS with either a lot of time on their hands or just plain stupid! After my post yesterday about cheating on my list about 20minutes later my site went down. Did not think anything of it No biggie, my First PDU REBOOT in like a year and went to bed...

Tonight... I left and went for dinner and drinks with my lawyer (The deep fried Donuts dessert were awesome) and when I came home my server was down (about 2hrs) again! Something's up? I reboot it and got into SSH and shut down Apache real quick figuring a denial attack, while I checked things out.

I grep some of my SSH and Apache logs and WOW! Have a peek at these flood attacks.. The large number is how many attempts per/something next to the IP address on the right. The logs are updated every 12hours so they hit fast and hard shutting the server down.



The ones attacking below say, 1,500 or 1,000 are nothing to worry about  Prolly a script kiddie on mommie's computer playing with a flood script. Now I have set Max req perchild and max clients set sooooo anything above 500 it will kill before the denial attack does anything.

THEN, I check my SSH logs and seen mass amounts of root login attempts "trying as root". First off the tards don't know most SSH's will not even allow root AS A LOGIN in the first place (toor)! You must su (switch user) to become root after logging in with a valid account within the wheel group, ME! To totally not have to worry about that anymore I had my host set their firewalls to ONLY allow my IP to SSH2 into my server so, EAT ME TARDS... root is MINE!

HOLY COW... AND YET AGAIN! Before I could finish writing this page and had my site up again, they tried another attack I am well aware of. I had to fix this one before on an older server... a Synflood! simple line in the rc.local killed that attack! echo "1" > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/tcp_syncookies
Note: I've also cranked up my local firewalls and added the C-block ranges for the more severe attempts as well as on my FTPs!

Hmmm, I wonder what is next?  SSH is NOT a possibility AT ALL now tard or tards... So keep attacking and help me to tweak my new box even more finding your lame attacks. Anything I can not figure out.. Trust me, I know who can! And everything is on DVD-R's here and at the data center. Plus Tar balls on the server owned by root (naya naya MINE) easily replace everything fast.

I have already emailed the abuse departments on the serious floods and SSH attempts above and since my lawyer is Pro-Boner (hehehe I said boner) I'll will have him, with my logs, and my Server host behind us, get a subpoena to court order thee user's information from the ISP that owns the host IP. MAINLY... this one which has me really interested being local to me: | from Dayton Ohio even, I bet I know him.. we shall see!

Anyway thanks for pointing yourselves out to me and as soon as I get your names.. Everyone will have them as well...


Nite night..


--The Rant Lure--
I stepped in shit and came out smelling like a rose  LOL sorry had to say that...

When I check out your Site that you have submitted for approval or I browse my Top100 List and I get something like the image below when I load your submitted webpage. I will email every top site ON MY LIST your information so they can ban your ass as well! Thank God for good virus protection... The net sure has changed over the years! Fricking Assholes everywhere trying to screw you over.

Both tried to issue viruses when loading those sites!
From an ANONYMOUS SOURCE (CHICKEN SHIT) hehehe I checked them as well and he/she was correct!
Site Name: Extreme Hardcore Free Tranny Photos here 
Site Name: Shemales Blaxxx


Everyday I get a site or two that tries to infect my machine! If you do not have good virus protection you are very vulnerable by just browsing sites. I've used Nortons, Mcaffe, and now Etrust that came free with my roadrunner account and it found a lot more than Norton or Mcafee has found. It has all kinda neat gizmos for finding those a-holes! Some things it finds like the SexTracker may be okay but, I delete them anyway!